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Community Agrees on the Contents of the Chain [EOS Launch Update]

June 08, 2018 / by Josh Kauffman

Community Agrees on the Contents of the Chain-1

The snapshot that was taken in the previous stage of the launch timeline has been analyzed and confirmed. What goes into the genesis blocks, and where that information is pulled from will have to be agreed upon. This will enable groups to validate the work of the Boot node, to ensure that byte-for-byte, the chain is exactly as it should be.

The interim Constitution has been agreed to by multiple Block Producer Candidates, and the governance Ricardian Contracts have been updated as needed. These, and more, will all have to be agreed upon before being put on-chain. 

With wanting to ensure that the community is in control of the source code, a community-controlled GitHub repository was established, the EOS-Mainnet repository where the snapshot is stored. Block Producer Candidates should be pulling from this repository for the most up-to-date contents.

Stay tuned for the next EOS launch live update!

EOS Mainnet Launch Timeline

EOS Launch Timeline-Community Agrees on the Contents of the Chain

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Josh Kauffman

Written by Josh Kauffman

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