Blog: EOS Block Producer Tips & Insights

The Definitive Guide to Start Your EOS Education

Written by Josh Kauffman | October 25, 2018

EOS is very exciting, but if you don’t know where to begin to understand what it does, you’re not alone. EOS Canada has become known for our position of Leading Through Technology. As a team of deep technologists, we have tried our best to disseminate our understanding of EOS in a way that is accessible for all potential users through many videos and articles.

We recognize that with any new ecosystem, it can be difficult to find the resources that you seek to expand your understanding. We decided to make a single reference point that any new user can start from to delve further into EOS. This is only a fraction of the information that we’ve put out, so please explore our materials further.

Each article also contains links to go deeper, many with links to the EOS source code itself. We recommend also keeping our glossary of EOS terms open to have their definitions readily available.


Block Producers

  Illustrative Revenue Analysis

What is the Role of a Block Producer

What is a Block Producer and Why You Should Care 



How Do I Use My EOS Tokens to Vote for a Block Producer?

EOS Canada's Stance On Vote Buying

6 Reasons Why You Should Vote EOS Canada for Block Producer

Everything You Need To Know About Voting On EOS

Q&A - Why You Should Vote On The EOS Blockchain

Q&A - Some Finer Details Around Voting On EOS

Q&A - EOS Producers Election: How Are Our Votes Counted?

What You Need To Know About Exchanges Voting on EOS

How Is Your Vote Strength Calculated On EOS?


Using EOSIO chains

Q&A - How a Wallet Interacts With the EOS Blockchain

Q&A - Can Someone Spam the EOS Network?

How to Master the EOS.IO Go API Library

Q&A - Understanding the Whitelist and Blacklist Features of EOSIO

How To Use `eosc` To Create A Key Vault and Vote

What is the Voting Tool and Key Vault Made by EOS Canada `eosc`?

Everything You Need to Know About Namespace Bidding On EOS

Q&A - Why Do I Need RAM For My EOS Account?

Q&A - How Do I Use Permissions To Protect My Account On EOS?

Q&A - eosio.msig What Does Multi-Sig Do On An EOS Blockchain?

ABCs of EOS - A glossary of blockchain terms



Q&A - Challenges When Honouring the ERC-20 Snapshot for the EOS Network

Inflation on EOS: What do I Need to Know?

What Does Staking and Unstaking EOS Tokens Mean?

Q&A - EOS Stake: What Is The Stake & Unstake Mechanism?


Inter-Blockchain Communication

Q&A - How Inter-Blockchain Communication Works on EOS


Ricardian Contracts

Introduction to Ricardian Contracts


Launching The Mainnet

Q&A - Why Are There Currently Multiple EOS Candidate Chains?

Q&A - What Does Validation of Candidate EOS Chains Mean

The Mainnet Is Live! [EOS Launch Update]

What Does The 15% Voting Requirement Mean?



Q&A - Where to Find the EOS Governance Documents

EOS Mainnet - Where Does ECAF’s Authority Come From?

A Proposed Referendum Tool for the EOS Mainnet -

EOS Mainnet Referendum Contract: How There's No Spam Risk



EOS Community Conference 2018: Panel Discussion on Infrastructure and Security

How to Use eosc as a Cold Wallet with Offline Signing


Worker Proposal System

EOS Ignite Web Conference - Worker Proposal System

Everything EOS Podcast [ICO Alert] - Worker Proposal System

Proposed Structure of the Worker Proposal System

EOS Nation Interview - "EOS Worker Proposal Funding Interview #4 w/ Josh Kauffman!"

EOS Worker Proposal - EOSYS, EOS New York, EOS Canada