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The EOS Mainnet is Live!

June 10, 2018 / by EOS Canada

This is a joint statement from the EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG). Look for at least five Block Producers you trust to have published this statement for it to be considered valid.

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Community Verifies the Contents of the Chain [EOS Launch Update]

June 10, 2018 / by Josh Kauffman

Multiple nodes have had the chance to go through the contents of the chain and verify its contents. The peers have given their approval that the on-chain contents match what they expect, and are confident that the launch was a great success!

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The EOS Mainnet Launch: Security & Software Testing

June 05, 2018 / by EOS Canada


Disclaimer: As a token holder, it is important that you do nothing during this period. Never expose your private key to anyone for any reason. Only when it is formally announced safe by multiple trusted Block Producer Candidates should you attempt to participate in voting or other actions. Ignoring this statement could result in the loss of tokens.

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How To Vote For EOS Canada

Vote for EOS Canada as a Block Producer with the user account:

Vote with - a command line tool for securely storing your private keys and casting your vote