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A Proposed Referendum Tool for the EOS Mainnet -

August 06, 2018 / by Josh Kauffman

EOS Canada wanted to take a moment to give an update about what has been worked on for the referendum contract for EOS, how we got here, and some of the next steps. This has been a collaborative effort, with many Block Producer teams working hand-in-hand.

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eos-bios Q&A: How Block Producers Agree on the Contents of the Chain?

May 12, 2018 / by Alexandre Bourget

In the eos-bios Q&A serie, Alexandre answer the question asked in the EOSIO BIOS Boot Telegram to know how block producers agree on the content of the chain, who decide which contracts go in and who build them.

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How To Vote For EOS Canada

Vote for EOS Canada as a Block Producer with the user account:

Vote with - a command line tool for securely storing your private keys and casting your vote