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Q&A - Why Do I Need RAM For My EOS Account?

July 05, 2018 / by Alexandre Bourget

Alexandre explains how RAM is used as the main storage layer in EOS. There is a resource limiting system in EOS that makes it so that if you write a transaction to the chain - like to create a new account - it needs to store some data in RAM.

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Q&A - Why You Should Vote On The EOS Blockchain

June 12, 2018 / by Alexandre Bourget

Alexandre Bourget of EOS Canada reviews the key reasons you should vote if you are an EOS token holder.
Please review our article Everything You Need To Know About Voting On EOS for some further explanations.

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EOS ERC-20 Smart Contract Frozen & Snapshot is Taken [EOS Launch Live Update]

June 02, 2018 / by Josh Kauffman

At 22:00 UTC of June 2, 2018, registration of EOS public keys is closedTo achieve this, the very first transaction that tries to call upon the smart contract that controls this crowdsale will initiate the freeze function.
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Crowdsale of EOS Tokens is Now Closed [EOS Launch Live Update]

June 01, 2018 / by Josh Kauffman conducted the longest token distribution ever done, lasting a staggering 350 days! They have reportedly raised over $4 Billion USD! The final period ended June 1st, 2018 at 23:00 UTC. Crowdsale of EOS Tokens is Now Closed!

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Inflation on EOS: What do I Need to Know?

June 01, 2018 / by Josh Kauffman

Inflation of EOS tokens drives the entire system - funds the Block Producers, the Worker Proposal Fund, and allows for free transactions for users. The launch of the EOS network is fast approaching and we still see a lot of questions surrounding the inflation system. We would like to clear up a few things.

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EOS Canada's Stance On Vote Buying

May 15, 2018 / by Josh Kauffman

EOS Canada believes that vote buying is detrimental to the health of the EOS network. It is short-sighted and only serves those voters who are receiving dividends, it detracts value from the platform (and all EOS token holders). As a Block Producer, EOS Canada believes in the value of long-term network building.

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Thomas Cox and Yifeng Mao Sit Down to Discuss EOS and Governance

May 14, 2018 / by Josh Kauffman

Thomas Cox posted a series of videos, in which he was chatting with Yifeng Mao from EOSReal. He wanted to ensure access to all of the information that was shared. He recorded the chat to ensure transparency and to help the dissemination of information. We at EOS Canada decided to share the notes that we took from these videos to help spread the information, and make it easier to review. There is around 2 and a half hours of recording, so these notes will be long as well.

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How Do I Use My EOS Tokens to Vote for a Block Producer?

May 14, 2018 / by Josh Kauffman


In June 2018, EOS token holders will be able to vote for their favourite Block Producers - like EOS Canada. A recurring question being asked around EOS blockchain forums and chats is “How do I use my tokens to vote?” There are a few solutions that we are pleased to share to help you understand the EOS voting system.

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Q&A - Challenges When Honouring the ERC-20 Snapshot for the EOS Network

April 27, 2018 / by Alexandre Bourget

Alexandre Bourget - Co-Founder at EOS Canada, discusses a few of the possible challenges we may face when honouring the snapshot of the token holders of the ERC-20 EOS tokens. We'll have to work as a community to make sure that everyone who bought EOS tokens will have access to them.

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How To Vote For EOS Canada

Vote for EOS Canada as a Block Producer with the user account:

Vote with - a command line tool for securely storing your private keys and casting your vote