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EOS ERC-20 Smart Contract Frozen & Snapshot is Taken [EOS Launch Live Update]

June 02, 2018 / by Josh Kauffman

At 22:00 UTC of June 2, 2018, registration of EOS public keys is closedTo achieve this, the very first transaction that tries to call upon the smart contract that controls this crowdsale will initiate the freeze function.
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Introduction to Ricardian Contracts

May 18, 2018 / by Marc-Olivier Archambault announced that the EOS blockchain infrastructure would support the use of Ricardian Contracts. We at EOS Canada believe that it’s worth taking the time to understand what a Ricardian Contract is, and why the community should care about this important addition to the infrastructure.

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How To Vote For EOS Canada

Vote for EOS Canada as a Block Producer with the user account:

Vote with - a command line tool for securely storing your private keys and casting your vote